I like to accept the challenges of fate. Accept and win.

Only in this way can I feel the fullness of life.


Having a lively mind and restless character, I open to everything new. I love to travel. St. Petersburg, Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam - I was in the best museums in the world. 

My work is remarkable for the amazing accuracy of the density of tone and the sense of color. i'm not afraid to go my way. I look at the world with my eyes wide open. It leads to the enthusiasm of youth and excitement.


My inspiration quote: "I like to accept the challenges of fate. Accept and win. Only in this way can I feel the fullness of life "

Graduated from Moscow Art Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts named after Andriyaka (but continue to study there to get more experience)

Being one of the best students of the Academy, I was trained in the educational center "Sirius" in Sochi, created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation to support gifted children who showed outstanding abilities in the field of arts, sports, and natural science. Was awarded there the charter.

Private lessons from honored Artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaka.

"Everywhere, like a sponge, absorbed the pictures of great masters, passing them through myself, then to express my emotions from what I saw on the canvas."


Veronika Glushkova (Born in Russia, Moscow) - Russian artist 





Lidia Handrikova

leading psychologist St. Petersburg


Galina Lomkova


Veronica has a rare talent. She can amazingly accurately convey her emotions in the paintings. All the artistic metaphors embedded in the images resonate in my heart. I could not hold back my tears when I saw the picture “Girl on the shore”, I was so imbued with the story this canvas tells. The artworks of Veronica are incredibly expressive, deeply and thoroughly thought out, executed with great skill.

© Veronika Glushkova